Moskau Dezember 2019

Aquatic physical therapy training course in Moscow with a lot of practice in the pool and really motivated and great therapists in an amazing president hospita

7 Berge Bad Alfeld November 2019

Aquaback Schulung zum Instructor

Aquaback Instructor Training course in the 7 Bergebad Alfeld. A happy day with such a motivation and fun.

Mexiko City Oktober 2019

Thank you for the wonderful days with such excellent students and real patients with different kind of indications! Working with so much love and dedication is wonderful

Thailand 2019

Aquatic therapy training course in Bangkok was an international meeting of many therapists.

It's been a great success! Thank you for the high motivation of the therapists from Thailand , Vietnam, Malaysia and Hongkong.

Dubai 2019

Aquatic therapy training course at a hospital in Ajman was a nice experience more. Thank you so much for the excellent organization from EWAC Medical for the wonderful atmosphere and hospitality of the physiotherapy team. Safety exercises, buoyancy equipment, rotation control and a lot of manual techniques are the content of our program.


China 2018

A lot of certificates for therapists at the children rehabilitation centre in China. Aquatic therapy pediatric was performed very motivated and has given a lot of pleasure and a new stage of knowledge. It was a honor for me to present my experiences in the field of aquatic therapy.

Indien 2018

We are proud of our first Aquaback therapy customer in India. Thanks for the great cooperation and the wonderful training with the team from the Jupiter Hospital in Thane (Mumbai). The certified training include a lot of new treatment techniques in the hydrotherapy , especially new osteopathic manual techniques for release the stiffness and a standardized program for improving the strength, flexibility, mobilization and coordination.